Journey To Paradise

Why guide is needed in the trek?


Anybody can simply define the question ‘why guide is needed in the trek?’

When you are beyond of the luxury life even for a short time your safety and health should be your number one concern.

A guided trip offers a greater sense of security with somebody on the ground who has experience in a whole range of scenarios. Fortunately, English is widely spoke across Nepal, but let’s imagine your internal flight was cancelled at a pivotal point in your trip – organizing and booking travel takes time, local knowledge and money. In the situation local guide help who have experience in dealing with last minute changes, emergencies and pretty much any other issue that may arise.

If we talk about the health, A good guide always is well equipped. They have PHEC qualifications (Pre-hospital Emergency care) and they carry first aid kits, but we still recommend that clients consult with their doctor before to travelling to Nepal to ensure they have prescriptions for Diamox and any other antibiotics for potential travelers’ diarrhea and chest infections.

Keeping our clients safe from all those kind of hassles we always choose outstanding guides to lead the groups. Not only that, we want to make sure that your trip is as care-free as possible, so letting your guides know as much as possible about your health will place them in the best position to ensure you have a safe, healthy adventure of a lifetime. Groups can be bigger in some trek but your concerns and thoughts are all heard, and we aim to please. These trips are a great way to interact with the locals as our trek activities include a local guide. We believe this gives an opportunity to get to know the Nepalese people and culture. It also allows you to meet some great friends whilst sharing life-changing experiences